For your first appointment, be sure to wear loose comfortable clothing, and wear minimal scents or makeup. It’s a good idea to eat something, at least one hour before-hand. During your first visit, we will discuss the main reasons for your visit, discuss your health history, lifestyle, diet, health and habits. I will take your pulse and look at your tongue, two tools I use for diagnostic purposes. The more information I know about your health, the more I can help you. The first visit usually lasts about 90 minutes and the follow-ups are about 60 minutes. Needles are retained for about 25-30 minutes. There’s a heat lamp, music and dim lighting. It’s very relaxing and many people fall asleep for a restorative power nap. The benefits of acupuncture start immediately. After your first treatment, many report they experience an excellent night of sleep, higher energy, more focus, less stress and a reduction in pain.